Autumn Statement 2015: what it means for contractors

Yesterday, thousands of contractors, freelancers and self-employed professionals waited with bated breath to see what George Osborne had in store for them in the Autumn Statement. Many who had been building themselves up for a headline announcement about restrictions to travel and subsistence tax relief might have been left rather underwhelmed – though as our … Continued

Autumn Statement 2015: Travel and Subsistence

As we thought, the chancellor announced in yesterday’s Autumn Statement that from April 2016 there will be changes that in some cases will restrict tax relief on travel and subsistence expenses. This is in line with the consultation document produced earlier in the year. So far the Chancellor hasn’t revealed enough detail in his statement for … Continued

Taxman still a threat despite office closures

Contractors shouldn’t be lulled into a false sense of security with HMRC, despite the Revenue announcing the closure of hundreds of its local tax offices. This month, HMRC announced it would restructure its operation to “modernise its way of working.” It estimates the plans will save taxpayers £100 million by 2025. The move’s attracted criticism … Continued

Infographic: cleaning up your profile

From blogging and social media, to websites and forums, many contractors are now using online platforms to promote their expertise to potential clients. It’s a great tool to make fast connections, but you have to make sure you present yourself in an appropriate way. With 14 years of brand experience, with companies such as Aldi, … Continued

Support for freelancers

Whether you’re new to freelancing or a veteran, having a strong support system will help you flourish in your career. But where can you get this support? Family and friends You may be surprised how much the support from your family and friends can mean when things get a bit stressful. They are a great … Continued

We’ve had a makeover

As some of you know, I started out as a contractor, facing the same exciting but challenging experiences most of you have contended with. I found that, as contractors, we were often left to fend for ourselves, so I founded Parasol, a company which would offer that much needed support to hard-working contractors. 15 years … Continued

5 ways contractors can de-stress at work

It’s National Stress Awareness Day this week so we’ve pulled together a few easy ways to cut down your stress levels at work. As a contractor, you’re in a pretty unique position to combat work-related stress. Find out why… 1. Non-traditional work hours As a contractor, you’ve got much more choice in when you work … Continued

5 accounting mishaps to avoid

When it comes to accounting, there are plenty of complex rules and regulations that could trip you up if you’re not careful. As with most things, it’s often the smaller points that could catch you unawares and end up costing you. That’s why it’s a good idea to speak to the experts, such as ourselves, to … Continued

Contractors: don’t get a fright with self-assessment

Ghosts and ghouls aren’t the only things to raise their heads on Halloween, as 31st October is also the paper self-assessment deadline. If you prefer to do things the old-fashioned way, you’ll have to make sure your return reaches HMRC before this date, or you’ll end up on the receiving end of a £100 penalty. … Continued

Planning half term time off

For contractors, half term is a great time to book off. School is out and there are lots of day out deals to take advantage of. However, time off needs to be planned to ensure your assignment isn’t interrupted and your client is happy with you being out of office. Here’s four ways you can … Continued