Student loan repayments for Limited company contractors (2nd Ed.)

Student loans are increasingly common in the UK, with the rising cost of higher education resulting in record numbers of students seeking financial aid. As a result, student loan repayments will remain a constant financial consideration. Anyone who’s taken out a student loan must make repayments to the Student Loans Company (SLC). That’s as long as … Continued

Three Realities about Contractors in 2016

Even giving the matter a cursory glance, the statistics and facts about contractors, freelancers and independent workers in the UK prove to be eye-opening. Although myths about going out on your own still abound, the encouraging realities about contractors in 2016 serve as a reminder that an entire economy owes these undervalued contributors a day of recognition. … Continued

Tax planning: year-end checklist

Guest blog post by ClearSky Financial Services Now that the fun of Christmas and New Year is over, the tax year-end on 5th April is fast approaching. So now is the perfect time to put in place strategies to make sure you’re being as efficient as possible when it comes to tax. The best way … Continued

Funding your retirement as a contractor

Guest blog post by ClearSky Financial Services Pensions continue to attract the media spotlight. George Osborne recently announced an increase in the full level of state pension, taking it up to £155.65 per week from April 2016. This follows the introduction of pension reform back in April 2015, giving us more choice than ever before … Continued

What to do if your working practices change

Contracting is certainly a fluid business, making it an ideal profession for those searching for that all important work/life balance. While it’s common to move from contract to contract, each with their own specific terms and working practices, you might find that on some occasions that they change while you’re in the middle of an … Continued