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Step 1. Choose your website design, complete the order form below and send us your CV

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Here’s a quick reminder of what you’ll get

A one page, fully mobile friendly website (including domain name, email and year one hosting*)

A choice of 4 themes and a range of banner images all designed to showcase your skills and experience

Fully copy written by us from your CV, LinkedIn profile and any extra information you wish to send us

Video training to teach you how to update the website yourself in future

All for just £150 + VAT

Site theme options

We have four themes to choose from each with their own unique style, ensuring your site is individual to you and setting you apart from the competition.

Each of these themes can be used with any of the banner images shown below. Take a look through, and once you’ve decided on your theme and banner combination, simply complete the order form below.


Site banner image options

Choose a banner image for your site from the options below.

businessCodecoffeeconceptdevelopgroupGrowHandIdea imagineInnovateITMatrixRelaxServerTechnology

Content blocks

We have five different content blocks to choose from which can be combined in any order to make up the contents of your site. You can choose which blocks to display (we recommend a minimum of 3) and each block can also be customised depending on the amount of information you wish to display.


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