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When running your own limited company as a contractor or freelancer, you might not have time or the expertise to suss out if an assignment places you in or out of IR35 regulations. With our Assure and Executive packages, ClearSky clients receive free IR35 contract reviews for all assignments.

Learn how IR35 contract reviews from our dedicated experts ensure you’re fully aware of your IR35 status.

How our IR35 contract reviews service works*

IR35 Contract Reviews for Assure and Executive clients means a thorough assessment on whether you will be in or out of IR35ClearSky’s dedicated team of IR35 specialists review your contract in great detail with the aim of highlighting anything that could influence the keys areas of the IR35 legislation.

You’ll receive a full report summarising our findings and provide opinion on the IR35 status of your contract. We analyse the terms and conditions of the assignment, looking particularly at how it addresses

  • Personal Service
  • Control
  • Mutuality of Obligations (MOO)
  • In business factors

You’ll benefit from a thorough analysis of specific areas of the contract we identify as crucial to how HMRC determine IR35 status. Then we’ll wrap it up by summarising our own expert final determination.

If you need further information on any particular aspects of the report, our team of experts are always on hand to help^.

We can always help you, whether you are in or out

If we find that your assignment falls inside IR35, you’ll be glad you’ve turned to ClearSky. It’s not going to be the end of the world – we’ll help you make sure you pay tax and National Insurance in the right way.

It’s another reason why turning to an expert contractor accountant pays off. Going it alone, you may find yourself stuck in a queue on the phone trying to get through to HMRC. With our direct line to HMRC and expertise in IR35, someone can cut through the clutter on your behalf faster and stay compliant with HMRC rules and regulations.

Also read

Much goes into the IR35 determination, such as contract review, HMRC obligations, calculations and of course, new government regulations.

It’s a lot to keep track of, but you’ve come to the right place. ClearSky offers some useful reading on IR35 relevant to all contractors, including:

Turn to ClearSky for IR35 support and more

In addition, our Assure and Executive clients receive IR35 fee protection, as well as:

Thousands of our clients agree: ClearSky helps your limited company run smoothly, meaning you can get back to finding, securing and working on the assignments.

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*: IR35 contract review comes standard with our Assure and Executive packages; for the Freedom package, it is an optional extra £95+VAT per review or £30+VAT per month for unlimited reviews.
^: Whilst we can answer questions, IR35 reviewers cannot provide suggestions to the contract/assignment or suggest alternatives as this can cause several unethical issues from an MSC perspective.