We are giving you our IR35 fee protection service absolutely FREE

As an added benefit of being with ClearSky, we are now giving our Assure and Executive clients, fee protection on IR35 tax investigations absolutely FREE*.

So if HMRC comes calling, you will have the peace of mind that you’ll be able to defend yourself without worrying about costly fees.

Did you know the number of IR35 enquiries and investigations are increasing?

In the last tax year, there were 256 new IR35 tax enquiries opened and 112 investigations in the first 6 months of 2013/14.

With HMRC planning to undertake even more IR35 tax enquiries this year, it is important you have the right protection in place.

If you were to be investigated, the costs can severely impact your business or personal financial security. Only an expert and professional defence will ensure your tax affairs are treated correctly.

Stay protected with our FREE IR35 fee protection service

As a thank you for being a ClearSky client, we are giving you our IR35 fee protection service worth up to £180 a year absolutely FREE*, starting from 1st March 2014. If you decide that you don’t want to take advantage of this service, you can opt-out by letting your Personal Accountant know.

This service will support your enquiry and cover the professional costs of dealing with an investigation, should HMRC knock on your door. We will deal with the investigation on your behalf and none of the costs will be billed to you, including the expense of dealing with HMRC correspondence and attending meetings.

For more information on our IR35 fee protecton service, please call 0800 032 5326. Alternatively, if you are an existing ClearSky client and have any further questions about this service and how it can help protect your business, please call 01202 753 100.

Kind regards,
ClearSky Accounting

*You will be covered by our fee protection service whilst you are a paying ClearSky client and only covered if we have performed an IR35 review on your contract and you implement the recommendations. It will cover the cost of our fees in the event of an IR35 tax investigation only and will not include cover for liabilities of unpaid tax, interest and any potential penalties applied, just our fees to defend you.